Moving sucks

It really, really sucks.

It's always been emotionally traumatising for me. I've moved so many times I've lost track. I've lived in so many states, I've lost track.

I almost feel like someone without a hometown.

I had to move recently due to the lease not being renewed. There were structural problems with the apartment that needed remediation.

This came on the heels of a trip to Brazil to see Erin which cost an ungodly amount of money. So this is really financially straining.

I've had to take on part-time work to help fill the gaps and pay down debt. Even with the part-time work, September is going to be a very austere month.

And this is on top of moving from an apartment to a house, and needing house stuff we didn't need in the apartment.

This is resulting in a lot of emotional instability for me, and I wasn't exactly known for stability before this.

I feel bad for the people around me. They don't deserve to be treated the way I've been treating them.