How Politics Is Like Poker

I came up for what I think is a good metaphor for poliics:

Imagine everyone is playing a game of poker. You keep getting shit hands and you think the dealer is cheating. You even think some of the players are colluding with the dealer.

However, You are allowed to pass messages amongst each other.

What do you do?

  • An anarchist might say, "flip the table or start cheating every round." But if you flip the table or get caught cheating, the mob boss will come in and shoot you, before putting the table back the way it was (or make the game even more rigged than before).
  • Your typical person will probably leave. But if you get up and leave the game, you'll lose everything.

My opinion?

You play the hand you're dealt the best you can and maybe cheat a bit yourself when unseen. Try to win a small victory each round. You won't win most of them but you can win enough not to go bust.

Sometimes, you can even convince the dealer to give you a good hand that round with a sympathy ploy, or tricking him.

While you play, you tell others, "hey the game's rigged, yo" and hope they get mad enough for everyone to leave or flip the table, and overpower the mob boss.