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  1. My Politics

    I think it's probably a good idea for me to write down what I believe in politically, as to remove all further doubt. I get asked this a lot and people often get confused about what I believe in. So, this should set the record straight.

    General outline

    I am …

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  2. Taming the Beast of Burden: Depression

    Depression sucks.

    I have been fighting it all my life basically. I only decided this year to finally do something about it. I feel I've waited way too long.

    At my doctor's suggestion, after scoring a 29/32 on the HAM-D scale, I agreed it was time to finally do …

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  3. Moving sucks

    It really, really sucks.

    It's always been emotionally traumatising for me. I've moved so many times I've lost track. I've lived in so many states, I've lost track.

    I almost feel like someone without a hometown.

    I had to move recently due to the lease not being renewed. There were …

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