About me

This is gonna be a bit long... sorry.


Call me Elizafox.

I was born on Valentines Day in 1991 in a cornfield somewhere in the Midwest. I grew up near Chicago.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No, I don't like Country Western.

I am president of the Interlinked Foundation.

I'm multilingual, mostly English, working knowledge of French and Spanish, and I know a bit of Brazilian Portuguese and German.

I'm transgender. Any feminine pronoun is fine, but they/them is preferred because I really don't like gendered pronouns as a thing (plenty of other languages do just fine without them, don't see why English needs them).

I have a tech background but I dabble in a bit of everything.

I can often be quite angry. Please don't take it personally.

I dislike tankies, Nazis, the alt-reich, the 24-hour news cycle, neoliberals, people who can't talk about anything but their radical praxis all the time, and hummus.

Minutiae, best to skip this bit if you find details boring

I'm a liberal socialist along the lines of John Stuart Mill (his later works at least). I'm probably pinned around -5,-5 on the political compass.

I'm sort of an agnostic atheist type but I don't look down on religions that don't harm people. I don't talk about religion a whole lot.

I care about social justice and equality for all, but I'm a bit of an old school social justice advocate, the type that existed before a small number of very obnoxious and loud poseurs came along and made a mockery out of anyone who ever cared about social justice issues.

I'm pansexual and polyamorous, if you're curious about that kind of thing.

I'm a therian and a furry; my fursona is a catfox, and it's tied directly to my therian identity.

I'm on the spectrum, so I'm sometimes out of line. I try hard not to be, and I apologise if I upset you.

Social media interaction information

I miss the old days when things were simpler. But, hey, it's 2018, I might as well "get with the times" and give as much disclosure about these kinds of things as I can.

Keep in mind a lot of this is here because of the informal nature of social media interactions and because I'm not known for being the most serious or "professional" type of person.


Generally speaking, if you respect me, I will respect you, even if our opinions differ. Unless you're a Nazi or an alt-reich asshole or a tankie. Then fuck you.

Content warnings

When it comes to this blog, don't expect content warnings. I don't know how to jam it into Pelican, see no reason to, and I don't post much sensitive stuff anyway.

When it comes to Mastodon (where cultural expectations differ), I will CW most sensitive stuff and politics. However, I will never put a content warning on food (because the content warning around food originates from pro-ana and I refuse to abide it), or mental health (an important topic I'm sick of seeing behind a warning as if we should all be ashamed of who we are). Sorry, but them's the rules.


You can flirt with me if I know you and you're interested in me and as long as you're over 18, and I haven't asked you to stop. But otherwise, please don't. Hugs and hearts are fine tho.

If you're under 18 and try to interact with a lewd posting of mine I'm going to block you, because that's gross, yo.

The IRS made me do it!

Opinions are mine, not those of the Interlinked Foundation or any other members.


Literally the worst way to contact me is email. Please don't. I probably won't respond. I hate email.

You can use any of these platforms instead, and you might even get a response: